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Real love

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

God is love. Love is the fabric of the universe and it is the foundation of all things through Christ. What does this mean? It means that you were made to be loved, experience love, and share that love with others and most of all you are designed to know God's love.

Selfishness and misdirection can lead us to moral decay and spiritual emptiness. It can lead to a life void of meaning and purpose, true brokenness. It is not surprising then, that when we follow our own path, we journey into fear, despair, and darkness.

Love that is born of the spirit connects us to the Creator through our relationship with Christ. As we discover who we are in Christ, we begin to experience an authentic love for the Lord, ourselves, and others.

His love transforms our hearts, our thinking, and our lives. Are you experiencing the transformation from selfish self-will to God's will? In other words, do you know if you are moving from selfishness to selflessness a love that is perfect and made mature in Christ?

If we think about the depth of God’s love for us we can begin to understand and recognize its counterfeit.

Like a dark reflection in a mirror, the dim image we see now will fade from view someday. Imagine one day you will reach spiritual maturity; you will see yourself as God sees you-- through the eyes of Perfect love!

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