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The nursery provides attentive infant care, interactive play, and supervision for totters.  Free play, stories, and activities teach young ones learning skills, sharing, and kindness.

Playing with Toys

Wednesday Children's Services

Raise up a child in the way it should go... Proverbs 22:6

It's all about the kids. Dinner is provided and then we spend time in prayer, Bible study, and discussion on how to apply God’s word in our everyday life.

The Littles

Teacher: Lynda Garcia

  • Ages two to four


Wednesday Night Warriors

Teacher: Mandy Trantham

  • Children ages five to nine

Playing with Toys

Bus Ministry

Need a ride?

We offer rides to and from church for Sunday services and Wednesday night youth services. If you're in the East End, Sawmill, Chicot Road, Maple Creek Farms, Nature Land, or Ico areas and need a ride to services, please let us know!


Please contact:

Mike Trantham at

Bus _edited.png

Tots to Five

With five years experience I'm excited to share God's love with children. "My mission to teach this age comes from understanding that children are like little sponges-- they want to know everything and that's what I love."

                                       -- Katie Trantham

Whiskers Kids .png

Sunday Children's Church


Teacher: Deirdre Holladay
Ages 10 -12
The world we live in can throw so many challenges to our children. We want them to have a strong foundation in the Lord so that they can overcome. We want them to learn to love one another, realize that God has a purpose for their lives, and know that they can trust Him to help them through all of life’s struggles


Teenage Group
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